leafdigital web design

Hi, this page is written by Samuel Marshall (leafdigital). If you're not considering the use of my web design services, but are just vaguely interested in other projects of mine, you're probably better off at the leafdigital.com front page.

That said...

If you got here from "London's Industrial Heritage", then you already know what kind of design style I aim for.




I use cascading stylesheets to make a site look good, while ensuring that it still works (in a somewhat uglier manner) in 3.0 browsers. I use JavaScript to make a site more navigable or functional, but ensure that it still works with JavaScript off.

I use automation where necessary - and it doesn't have to be server-side automation that requires more hosting fees etc. ("London's Industrial Heritage" contains over 500 html files - so you can understand why they weren't created by hand - and the site uses no server-side automation.)

Do you want me to design your site?

I have a day job (so I won't take on very much work) and I communicate only by email apart from snailmail for paper contracts. For ethical reasons there are many companies I would prefer not to work for, and I am particularly interested in "art gallery" sites, and fiction or other magazine sites. I don't do ecommerce, and don't do enormous database-driven sites.

My rate is 30 UK pounds per hour. (There may be reductions available for charities I particularly approve of.) For example, LIH would have cost approximately 1,000 UKP.

If you're interested, begin by emailing me.