This website is the Internet presence of sam marshall.

It contains virtually everything I do online, in the form of several separate small websites.


Key software
leafChat (IRC client for Windows, Mac, and Unix), leafDrums (drum machine for Windows), and other free or shareware software I’ve written.
Source code
Source code for some of my personal projects can be found on GitHub.


Selected photographs
A selection of photos I’ve taken.
Photo album
Pictures and text about various trips I’ve taken: walks in city and countryside, holidays, etc.
Sometimes people ask why I’m taking pictures of ordinary or ugly scenes.

Contact me

Email contact
You can send me email about any of these websites.
I’m on Twitter as @leafdigital.


Leaf pictures
A handful of leaf pictures, free to use (because this is leafdigital.com).
A few technical articles that I needed to put somewhere.

No longer updated

Creating good websites
Teaching material for a class about the principles of web design which I ran many years ago. May still be relevant in some parts.
Monthly story
Short stories (mostly fantasy) which I used to write approximately monthly.
Gathering fanzine
A fanzine containing short stories set in TSR Inc’s Dragonlance fantasy world. I put out three issues which you can download.
Another site containing a selection of my short stories.
A very old personal web journal (from back before they were called ‘blogs’).
Another ancient not-blog exposing the real truth behind seemingly-normal events.