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After the Apocalypse

An old office block, towering into the sky, its lower windows smothered with decaying posters. He’d already been in that one, years back. Taken some good photos.

Justin gets his kicks from photographing abandoned buildings. It’s a harmless hobby, in his view; the rulers of the repressed society in which he lives might take a different opinion.

May 2005
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The Road to Rivense

Elise staggered to a halt against the rough wooden wall of somebody’s abandoned street-corner home. Leaning against the slats, she cautiously inched her head past their edge. Blood trickled into her left eye, stinging, and she blinked it away.

The desperate, violent group to which Elise belongs will do anything to defend their people and their land. But in Leabridge there is no hope left.

April - May 2002
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Other stories

Untitled serial

Yet another lecture about how ungrateful she was, how she hardly ever paid her keep… It was more or less true, but what the hell was she supposed to do?

Elf girl Rowena is sick of her ‘job’ running small errands, sick of her simple life in a small town. And it shows. (The first part of an ongoing serial.)

February 2003 - September 2004
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Gods’ Blessing

She said that we should seek a prophecy, before we make a permanent commitment.

A loving couple want their marriage approved in the eye of the gods. Yet their best friend, the priest Matthias, is unsure of that idea.

April 2004
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Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a boy named Bran.

A simple tale about a lonely boy who seeks the right girl, but ends up looking for love in all the wrong places.

October - November 2002
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Gentle Justice

Talaerin would normally have ignored the pitiful creature, but its presence gave him an idea. Surely these beggars had somewhere to hole up for the night.

Our hero, an unprincipled outlaw, is down on his luck. Sure, there's a mission ahead that should pay well but right now he's stuck in a foreign city where nobody will even give him lodging. Asking an elven beggar for help seems like a good idea but it doesn't turn out that way.

August 2001 - September 2002
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Learning Maybe

Ahead lay the healer’s house, near the top of the hill and over two miles from the rest of the village. Tahki had no idea why she lived apart, but it didn’t matter; he long-legged and swift had been sent to fetch her urgently.

Sent only to fetch his village’s miserly healer, the boy Tahki quickly finds himself in a lot more trouble than he had expected. As if her cantakerous demeanour weren’t problem enough, there’s goblins and elves to be dealt with and he had better learn fast.

February 1999
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Instead, the air was almost crushed out of him as the dragon reached down with its right forelimb and grabbed the elf between fearsome claws, plucking him from the ground as easily as picking a flower.

An elf, blameless and innocent, forced into a strange role as messenger for a cruel dragon one that does not come easily and that brings with it hard choices.

October 1998
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