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You can add features to leafChat by installing 'plug-ins', which are pieces of Java software that run inside leafChat.

Installing plug-ins is similar to installing themes; plug-ins go in the plugins folder alongside the themes folder. Unlike with themes, you need to restart leafChat to install a new plugin.

Be careful to install plugins only from trusted sources; plugins are computer programs and just like any other computer program, a malicious plugin could damage your computer or do something else you don't want.

System monitoring (2007-11-10)
This plugin adds a window that lets you monitor all the data sent to and from the IRC server. Once the plugin's installed, type /debugmonitor to get this window.

If you want to get started creating your own plugin (you'll need Java programming skills), visit Scripting / Create plugin within the program.

If you create a useful plugin and you'd like it to be hosted here, send me a zip file containing the entire project source code. It may take me a while to look at it.

Source code

Source code is available for the following plugins:

The source code in the above zip files was written by Samuel Marshall and is hereby released to the public domain; feel free to use it as a base for your own plugins (or anything else).