journal for the self-obsessed generation



Okay, I'm writing a web journal. (It's not even on the web yet, only on my desktop at work...) Why?

And why wasn't this the first entry?

Actually, the latter question answers the former. I decided to start the journal because of the initial entry. That entry said some things I wanted to say, wanted to write about in a more lasting way than a simple email to a single friend. It's quite often the case that I wish I had a forum to, well, just write about stuff. Now I do. This is it.

Pretty basic reason, but it's better than "just for the sake of it". I might not end up with something as interesting or compelling as some of the other web journals around (rebecca's readme being the one which consistently holds my attention) but hell, that isn't the point.

And the writing might be biased, but what do you expect? That's journalism.