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When is current

A friend, currently staying with me, complained about the Web page for one of my software projects looking "dated". Indignantly, I began to protest that the design was clean and modern, although a little simple... but I was missing the point. He literally meant that it seemed out of date. Abandoned. Deserted. Left alone on the Web, with tumbleweed blowing across its forlorn expanses.

The page was last updated in March... because that's when the most recent version of the software was released. I had no other relevant news to post in the intervening months. (The program did get a 5-star review somewhere which I could have boasted about, but that's hardly essential information.)

I'll update the page promptly as soon as a new program version is released, and I consider that perfectly reasonable. This site is not abandoned! It's simply one that honestly does not need updating.

[Now, I do have a couple abandoned sites too, not to mention numerous software projects that will never make it past version 1.0 :) But that's a different issue.]

It worries me that people expect Web pages to be constantly changed. Yes, the Web is supposed to be up-to-the-moment. People have a right to expect that a news site (or a supposedly-regular journal site, for that matter) is frequently updated.

But in this case, nothing happened! I didn't change the software! It doesn't need a different web page! And people are still complaining!

I'm not quite sure what point I intended to make... but, well, just slow down, willya?


[Feel free to check out the page in question...]