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Pointed talking

The British politician Michael Portillo recently announced that he had "homosexual experiences" when he was at university. The issue was covered on the BBC News website, where a section called "Talking Point" allows users to give their own views. These are often amusing, but this one was outstandingly funny (for me at least) and I just couldn't help picking out selected highlights...

Tom Watson said:
"I would like to know what the "high-moralists" in the Tory Party have got to say about this matter. Will they be behind Mr Portillo in Kensington and Chelsea now?"

I do hope he didn't mean that comment the way I read it, or perhaps he did, but it was pretty funny. ("And just how close behind...?")

Andy, UK:
"It's time we removed all homosexuals and lesbians from positions of influence and returned to a normal heterosexual way of life. Freeing homosexuality and lesbianism has caused great upset and discord, no wonder the children are confused and plagued with experimentation, we are not showing them the right way to lead their lives, homosexuality is a disease and should be deterred not encouraged. Let's get back to a more normal and acceptable way of life. So Portillo is a no, no!!"

(You have to laugh . :)

Glenn Williams of Wales poses a startling acute (and deviously grammatical) question:
"Why is there a disproportionately high number of homosexuals in politics?"

Tough question. Why is there a disproportionately high number of sheep in Wales?

Kenneth Smith from the USA shows off his impressive logical/psychic talent:
"If Portillo has indulged in these acts in the past, he will indulge himself again,..."

(By the way I don't want to know what "indulging" is, it sounds extremely obscene.)

Henry Goddard:
"If he has been deceiving the public for the last ten years, then how can he possibly be trusted as a public servant"

Henry sadly appears to have missed the inherent irony of the term "public servant".

David Grey:
"Don't criticise him for voting against the reduced age of consent; obviously he knows why homosexuality is dangerous."

Because it reduces your chance of becoming a Tory prime minister? Now there's a horrific warning to all young gay men.

Matthew Howell:
"I thought you had to be bent to go to Cambridge and the experiences Michael underwent formed part of the entrance exam."

Hrm. Think he didn't quite get the grades? :)

H Maher:
"Any relationship outside marriage is immoral and need [sic] to be addressed."

Better use six bytes this time or we'll run out of numbers again...

Finally almost the only sensible comment from "Jason":
"Why should it [matter]? Other politicians are gay whilst others seek prostitutes and rent boys. What they all have in common is that they are running our country into the ground with rubbish policies and also find the time to throw British morals out the window."

Who said optimism was dead?

[All quotes from BBC News.]