f r a g m e n t s
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What's this about?
Briefly, the site contains weird pieces of writing about "fragments" of life; unfinished sentences, unknown explanations, etc. The general pattern is that I fill in the "missing" part.

Content is updated very occasionally (perhaps never) on either Friday or Saturday. Responses will be posted when I receive interesting ones.

Site creation
The site was created using the pico text editor for the HTML pages, and Adobe Photoshop for the graphics.

Titles were created using the Verdana font in 72-point and 36-point sizes.

A specially-created Perl script converts new content (sent as a special email message each week) to the format used in the page, and does all the other necessary processing.

The highlighting text-buttons at the top use a Java program which was written by me.

About me
I'm currently a student at Cambridge University (on a one-year postgrad course about computer speech and language processing). Apart from poor-quality writing, my other interests include design (paper and HTML), programming, fantasy books/games, music (especially techno and ambient, but pretty much all kinds).

You can get more information about me and my software at my main web page, and at the Software Forge homepage.