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This archived software remains on the site for historical interest only. In some cases people might still use the software, and you're welcome to, but there is little interest in it and I no longer support it in any way.

Programs towards the top of this page are more likely to remain of some use.

leafLoops v1.0 (1998-12-02)
Download from my site 660 KB (671,977 bytes)

A very simple MIDI pattern sequencer.

leafFX v1.0 (1998-12-02)
Download from my site 748 KB (764,960 bytes)

A real-time digital effects unit that works (with some delay) on live input.

HTML Shrink v1.0 beta (1999-10-22)
Download from my site 548 KB (558,824 bytes)

HTML compressor that removes whitespace from HTML source code.

leafBreaks v1.0 (1998-12-03)
Download from my site 732 KB (746,680 bytes)

An experimental program intended to support cutting up and rearranging drum loop samples, which was never all that useful. :)

iNETRiS v2.0 (1995-10-20)
Download from my site 176 KB (177,506 bytes)

Falling blocks game for Windows 3.1+. (Probably still works in current versions, but I haven't tested.) Supports internet play.