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Holy Texts

No, my ASCII has not yet achieved transcendence. It's just that liosalfar sent me a response to the Losing My Religion journal entry, so I'm putting it up here. It's a little deep for me - I've just read it three times and I think I finally understand vaguely what he was trying to say - but hey, lios is a better writer than I am...

what do you think it is that resonates in us
to know that something we've read outside is holy
is sacred or at the very least valuable
i think most creatures find the thing outside
to be the valuable bit whilst they are the key
that opens it up to them
i think it the other way around
the holy writings are the key
to open what is valuable inside us
we use the key to open the place up inside
eventually if we spend enough time with it
that sacred Stuff that is inside
will become part of our outsides
and the key won't feel the same


I don't have an answer to this, only two thoughts; first, perhaps he's right, and second, perhaps he should have his own web journal...