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A Nonsense of Humour

I went to look at Jason Kottke's 0sil8 page today (something which I very much recommend doing - it's a fun site which I only discovered relatively recently) and was inordinately amused by the navigation controls.

It's a simple line of text, single words separated by space and marked by a (square) bullet point. You can click on the words to get to the mentioned section. It reads: "Home. Help. Contact. Subscribe. Search. Jason. Notes."

For some reason I read the first two words as "home help" before I realised my mistake. (A home help is someone who visits an elderly person, usually once a week or so, in order to help them with tasks around the house.) I found this rather amusing. I don't really know why.

Another two-word group is "search jason", which sounds like - to say the least - an interesting option.

Anyway, I had to email the page's author about it. (I don't know why. The fact that I found it funny probably says a lot more about me than about his page, but it was just a compulsion, okay?)

I found it funny. To paraphrase Kipling, "but is it Humour?"

No. I'm just weird.


(p.s. of course I had to do a websearch to find out who was responsible for that quote... don't start taking me for the kind of person who reads literary classics.)