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Time for a change

I'm fed up of deadlines.

I finished one hectic, close-to-deadline (okay, let's be honest: missed-several-deadlines) project round about the start of April. Immediately after that, guess what, I'm on another hectic, close-to-deadline project.

It's an interesting project, but even so...

Perhaps things will change soon. The third, final CD of the previous project I was on has now gone to manufacturing, so that one really is finished. And the relevant deadlines for this current project, which weren't quite so bad, are looming closer. I'm promised that after that, things will get a little more relaxed.

I really hope so. It's kind of bad when a random nobody software developer (me) manages to update his Web journal less frequently than an internationally famous rap star.

Incidentally, the gap between the previous paragraph and this one may seem small, but in fact it's about three weeks. Want to guess why?

On a brighter note, I've also recently found new ways to waste time. Like that was a priority...