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Aphrodite's shoe

It was about midnight. I'd heard aphrodite was going to be doing the mix slot on the radio that evening. So I flipped on my radio - a walkman, I was living in a shared house and it was a weeknight, so I didn't want to disturb anyone - and got into bed. I needed to get up the next day, too, and I'm used to listening to music while lying in bed, even quite hard dance music. I figured I'd listen to some of it and then go to sleep.

It was about three minutes past midnight. And these sounds were too good. I had to get out of bed. So I got up and started dancing (we'll use the word loosely, okay) around the room, walkman clutched in hand.

It was about five minutes past midnight. I needed more volume. Suddenly I remembered the "ear protect" feature of my walkman which is supposed to stop you turning it up too loud. I switched off that feature.

It was about ten minutes past midnight. I was getting too hot and anyway it was a beautiful night. Well, it was raining, but only a little, and I like rain. So I opened the french windows (I had a downstairs room... neat room, actually) and stepped out into the garden to continue "dancing".

In the rain. In my (thin) pyjamas. After midnight. Clutching to a crappy walkman. All the way through until 1am.

As dance music goes... this shit works.


(Excerpted from an email I sent a few weeks ago, talking about an experience some months ago)