Ulin Majere

Huh? What's this about?

Having written the story, I decided my characterisation wasn't that great and that I might not have got across the aspects I wanted to put into Ulin's character... so in addition, I've done this page, which simply describes him. (For the hell of it; I don't see any practical use for this "information", and any time TSR release another novel with Ulin in, they'll probably do something completely different. I would really love if they use this, though, and I'll certainly give my permission if needed... it's just rather unlikely, unfortunately :)

Most of this is simply made up by me, although it's certainly based on what few hints we have about his character from Rabe's books. Where I remembered the appropriate bits, I've noted them. [This means there are some very minor spoilers to Rabe's books.]

Some thoughts about Ulin's character

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