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Security issues can be divided into two categories: system security (for example, ensuring that other people cannot change your Web site) and information security (for example, ensuring that the customer details from an online store are safe).

System security

It is important to ensure that your system is secure, and reduce the chance that hackers can break into your Web server and alter pages.

System security is a strong responsibility, especially if you operate your own Web server.

Information security

Some Web sites may store sensitive information, such as the personal details (and perhaps even credit card numbers) of users. You should analyse the information stored and work out which information must be kept secure.

As the operator of such a site, you have a responsibility to keep this information safe.


Encryption, which makes it difficult for other people to intercept information, can be an important aid to security. However, encrypted Web connections (indicated by a padlock icon in the browser) do not ensure that information is held securely.

Complex issue

Making a site secure can be complicated. If you don't understand some of the basic concepts, you are unlikely to create a secure site simply by using 'secure' software.