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Relatively few Web design sites discuss the importance of content or its organisation. Those that I found are linked here. These may not be directly relevant to you, but they might be interesting to read nonetheless.

What Makes a Great Web Site?


Includes guidelines for making "great web sites". Their first four guidelines relate to content; other guidelines address topics that will be discussed in later sessions of this class.

Impact of Data Quality on the Web User Experience


Jakob Nielsen, Web usability guru, warns that the quality of content is important. Content must be error-free where possible, and you should encourage users of your site to report errors.

Yale Style Manual


A style manual from the American university. This is quite a good book and covers most aspects of Web design.

Follow the link to "site structure" from this contents page for a summary of several possible site structures, including the hierarchical organisation that was covered in the class, but also a few others: "Linear narrative" isn't a structure that was fully covered in the class; "Web" roughly corresponds to "disorganisation" in the bad sense; and "Grid" is a structure that also wasn't mentioned which can sometimes be useful, but is rather specialised. Anyway, an interesting read.